Tuesday 22 October 2013

My other blog: The difference of 25

2 years ago I started blogging. In October 2011 I started my first blog 'The difference of 25'. A blog about creating artwork. Every month I put a theme on the blog. Everybody can send in artwork. You can paint, draw, sculpture, make pictures, whatever you like. At the end of each month I put all the artwork together. That is the fun part for me. It is great to see so many different styles. On the 25th of the month I put the collage on the blog.

One of these themes was shops. I made a flowershop as my granddad had a flowershop and I love flowers.
I didn't realize that this drawing would become so important for me. From a lot of these flowervases I made Wooden Rosies. Wooden Rosies are the handpainted vases and figures from wood, which I sell in the webshop. I even made very big ones for the window in the shop in Apeldoorn.
Today I started making Christmas items in the same style. Pictures will follow later!

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