Tuesday 22 October 2013

My other blog: The difference of 25

2 years ago I started blogging. In October 2011 I started my first blog 'The difference of 25'. A blog about creating artwork. Every month I put a theme on the blog. Everybody can send in artwork. You can paint, draw, sculpture, make pictures, whatever you like. At the end of each month I put all the artwork together. That is the fun part for me. It is great to see so many different styles. On the 25th of the month I put the collage on the blog.

One of these themes was shops. I made a flowershop as my granddad had a flowershop and I love flowers.
I didn't realize that this drawing would become so important for me. From a lot of these flowervases I made Wooden Rosies. Wooden Rosies are the handpainted vases and figures from wood, which I sell in the webshop. I even made very big ones for the window in the shop in Apeldoorn.
Today I started making Christmas items in the same style. Pictures will follow later!

Monday 14 October 2013

Blog of Roses are red

Welcome to the blog of Roses are red
On the 7th of March 2012 I started my webshop
Roses are red  Now 1,5 year later it grew out with a lot of articles. A part of them are sold in real shops, in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam. Soon you can also find us on Etsy.

Sometimes it takes time to put all the new items in the shop, or I am already working on a new project. On this blog I will share this news.